Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary Portrait painted by Scott Holloway. This "fresh look" of Benjamin Franklin has been made into the New Town Seal of Franklin, MA. Now I am selling Museum quality Giclee Prints.

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Specializing in realist painting techniques dating back to the Renaissance, Holloway has painted everyone from university presidents to American historical figures. He is also an established Conceptual Artist as well and shows work in many galleries around the world including New England, NYC, LA, London and Berlin. my Bio and Resume:

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary

The Tercentenary is well on its way now!
Philly is going crazy for Benjamin Franklin. I have made contact and they have agreed to sell my giclee print. The have been really great to deal with. I am sure it will go over well. He is one of the most famous freemasons. There are Ben Franklin Lodges all over the place. He also printed the first masonic book in the new world.

The new town seal for Franklin, MA. was unveiled on Jan. 18th. It was a great success. Read about it in the Milford Daily News article in our PressRoom.


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