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Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary Portrait painted by Scott Holloway. This "fresh look" of Benjamin Franklin has been made into the New Town Seal of Franklin, MA. Now I am selling Museum quality Giclee Prints.

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Ben Franklin PodCast

This is a great podcast about Benjamin Franklin I just found on the Museum of Science in Boston. I was just searching for BF on their site and found this. Only the first half of the podcast is about Ben. For some reason two interviews are on this file. The second one is about weather and evolution. So just listen to the first half of it.

Anyways; It is a great conversation about his achievement if you don't feel like reading. (like me!)

A funny thing about the Museum of Science I just found out. I found an article about them stating that they had the opportunity to have the "Benjamin Franklin; In Search of a Better World" but decided to take the starwars exhibit instead. I guess they decided that starwars would bring in more money. It is a shame that the exhibit has no place in Boston.
article 1
article 2

I have been looking up as many museums of science to hit their gift shops with my products.

I just came across this site.
"On This Day in History"

1628 Massachusetts colony founded by Englishmen

1822 Boston, Mass incorporated as a city

other findings:
Ben Franklin radio spot 35 minutes long. Interviews of Ben experts. About the traveling show, books about him, etc.
the Ben Franklin Story a 2 part story about his life and achievements. Slide show format
History Podcast 44 - Ben Franklin's 300th Birthday.mp3 22:29 minutes long. Another bio of his life.


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