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Benjamin Franklin Tercentenary Portrait painted by Scott Holloway. This "fresh look" of Benjamin Franklin has been made into the New Town Seal of Franklin, MA. Now I am selling Museum quality Giclee Prints.

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Specializing in realist painting techniques dating back to the Renaissance, Holloway has painted everyone from university presidents to American historical figures. He is also an established Conceptual Artist as well and shows work in many galleries around the world including New England, NYC, LA, London and Berlin. my Bio and Resume:

Monday, February 13, 2006

Locally Published

I went to the show at WAG and one of the guys I met last time told me he wants me in his "Other Worldly" show in September. Yikes! Two shows in one month. That's how it always happends for me. "If it rains, it pores!" He told me he wants about 8 pieces to choose from. I will have to find 8 pieces that I don't intend to show at the other exhibit for him to choose from. I need to get my butt in gear about making new drawings and paintings.

Another Masonic website called LostWord responded to my email about the B.F. Prints. He is willing to give it a try but all the other prints he sells are in the $5 range. He doesn't think that a $220 print will do well. I am currently looking into printing poster quality prints of Ben. I will have to print up a few and see how they come out. If they like that product instead I will try to make some money off that. I will still have to charge $20-$25 for it to make it worth my time and trouble. I don't see the problem with justifying it as it is a new portrait that is unavailable from anyone but me.

Doug Chapel; Founder of ANT! (Arts -n- Things) is a guy that gets stuff done in this town. He plans events for artist and craftsmen alike to be able to get noticed and sell their wares. He puts out a pop culture zine that is about the size of the TV guide. He included me in his latest issue. The zine is Called Action Geek and I am featured on page 23. I am hoping to get some more recognition from the locals.